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What to consider if the sheep slaughtering equipment industry wants to develop


Any industry has been doing for a long time, there will be some loyal customers who have been buying your products. However, if you want to be bigger, you should only be an old customer, but also constantly develop new customers, until you make your enterprise stronger, then you have the opportunity to choose customers. Our kaihong company has been established for many years, has always wanted to make a breakthrough on the basis of the original company expand its business scope. Therefore, the company decided to develop according to the following aspects in the later stage, so as to expand its business scale.

1. Technological transformation, no characteristic technology as the company's background, is impossible to go far. We will complete the integration intellectualization of mechanical electrical equipment, expand the informatization of products, introduce new technologies. Further improve the technical level, stability reliability of sheep slaughtering equipment.

2. In China, most slaughtering machines are developed on the basis of learning imported equipment. For products with large intervals blank products with foreign countries, technology should be introduced, digested absorbed, gradually understood to fully grasp. Adopt learning methods for products with certain foundation but with certain interval similar products abroad, strengthen research on key technologies central technologies, encourage development innovation.

3. To strengthen the implementation application of slaughtering equipment, many slaughterhouses are still using backward manual operation old production lines, which can neither ensure power nor waste a lot of human resources. Therefore, accelerating the slaughtering mechanization in China is a useful strategy to promote the competitiveness of China's meat, which requires both technology shopping malls, so as to ensure that China's slaughtering ring is tight, Faster better development.

The above aspects are the main development direction of our slaughtering equipment company in the future. In the later stage, the company will increase its after-sales service to the products. When you use any slaughtering machinery equipment, if you find any problem, the company will provide all kinds of maintenance.

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