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Daily maintenance of cattle slaughtering equipment


In the process of using cattle slaughtering equipment, some slaughterhouses have relatively high requirements on this aspect, often do a good job in equipment maintenance, so that the use time is longer. However, some slaughterhouses food processing plants have no corresponding regulations on this aspect, resulting in various failures of the equipment after a period of use, there is no way to use it. After investigation, it was found that most of the personnel did do a good job in the daily maintenance of the slaughtering machinery. Therefore, our slaughtering equipment manufacturing company made a special summary, hoping to help those friends who use the slaughtering facilities.

1. During the maintenance of slaughtering equipment, make sure that the electric gas switches are close

2. At the end of each shift, the operator shall clean the equipment in time, keep the equipment clean sanitary, take waterproof measures for electrical components, mechanical transmission system, bearings, et

3. Check whether the connection parts of equipment fasteners mechanical transmission mechanism are loose. If they are loose damaged, they shall be tightened replaced in time.

4. Regularly check the wear condition of the shaft sleeve, bearing, seal, etc. of the transmission mechanism of the equipment, keep the lubrication of the transmission part, repair replace the mechanical parts in case of damage.

Generally, for any equipment purchased in KaiHong Meat Machinery Co., Ltd., the company will provide relevant instructions, mark the later maintenance precautions, tell you how to use these equipment reasonably, so as to make the use time of the facilities longer.

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