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What should be considered when selecting the installation of cattle slaughtering equipment


When a slaughterhouse is established, it is sure to purchase cattle slaughtering equipment for installation. However, it is difficult to decide which kind of mechanical equipment to choose. Generally, a professional slaughtering equipment manufacturing enterprise is required to make planning give a reasonable slaughterhouse construction plan. In order to let you choose inappropriate equipment to install, let's do a comprehensive analysis today, to tell you what aspects to consider when choosing to install slaughtering equipment, hoping to help those who have yet installed.

In the process of construction of slaughterhouse (factory), slaughterhouse equipment should have complete technical functions, perfect functions low operation maintenance costs. It is an important task for the construction of slaughterhouse to work out a suitable reasonable method of equipment selection. Adhere to the original quality characteristics of meat products, improve improve the quality characteristics of meat products, meet people's different needs, improve the economic value of meat products, develop new products complete value-added through meat processing deep processing. Slaughtering equipment needs to be changed with shopping malls local natural, economic social conditions. The same production line is expected to have multi-level deep processing. In order to ensure that the final products meet the requirements of food hygiene, we should strictly control the formation of raw materials, the damage of final products the decline of quality in the process of processing; In order to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the emissions (slag, waste, pulp, liquid, gas, etc.) during the food processing, the contaminated emissions shall be equipped with treatment equipment to make them reach the emission requirements; for the food rich in multiple nutrients effective ingredients, the loss of nutrients effective ingredients caused by the processing equipment shall be reduced; We should pay attention to the comprehensive development of byproducts leftovers, make full use of capital improve economic benefits. The slaughtering equipment has sophisticated skills, good production stability, safe easy operation, does affect the quality of meat merchants, low failure rate of slaughtering machinery, long service life, environmental friendliness, small pollutant emissions, etc.

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