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The production line of pig slaughtering equipment includes main equipment


The pig slaughtering equipment of general company mainly includes:

1: The automatic line for pig hanging blood letting (high degree of automation, reducing labor intensity).

2: Hemp electric conveyor (with the characteristics of convenient operation high efficiency).

3: Live pig hanging conveyor (used for bloodletting on the live pig's feet, so that the meat quality is good, no broken bones, no red spots).

4: Flat conveyor; (this machine is convenient for hanging on the bleeding line).

5: Vertical pig washing machine (used for pig body washing after bloodletting, no damage to pig body, less land occupation, convenient maintenance, suitable for pig, cattle sheep tripe cleaning).

6: Bridge split half saw (used for pig body split half, small loss, high efficiency).

7: Portable electric saw for splitting pigs (used for manual splitting of pigs, suitable for small medium-sized slaughterhouses with small slaughter volume).

8: Air health inspection conveyor (visceral quarantine line, used for simultaneous inspection of pigs, cattle sheep).

9: Claw machine; (by-product supporting machinery, with the characteristics of simple operation, clean hair removal, etc.).

10: Hair beater (used for pig body hair beater, with mechanical hydraulic pressure. The models are 100, 200 300.

11: Blanching machine (used in the blanching process of pig carcasses).

Blanching machine



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