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Precautions for the maintenance of poultry slaughtering equipment


The maintenance of poultry slaughtering equipment is very important for the production of slaughtering line. The poultry slaughtering line will have some normal wear tear in the production process. Therefore, maintenance is particularly critical. Here are the parts maintenance methods of slaughtering line:

1. Maintenance method of head motor:

Do feed water into the motor in the slaughtering line, as this may cause damage to the motor affect its use. It also shortens the life of slaughtering equipment.

2. Chain maintenance method:

The chain of slaughtering equipment assembly line may cause the original lubricating oil to heat volatilize after long-term operation, which is easy to cause the chain of slaughtering assembly line to be unbalanced, noisy crawling during operation. Add grease thick lubricating oil to the chain.

3. The maintenance repair methods of the head reducer of slaughtering line:

Start to use in about three months to drain the engine oil in the gearbox, clean the gearbox with diesel gasoline, then add new lubricating oil to the middle of the observation window immediately. In the future, you can change the lubricating oil once a year. Too much lubricating oil may cause the gearbox to heat up the motor overload may cause the motor protection switch to trip

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