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Product form of Yellow Feather Broiler


Due to the actual situation of China's national conditions, the consumption habits of yellow chicken vary in different regions, such as East China, Guangdong, Hong Kong Macao.

At present, 80% of the consumption of yellow feathered broilers in China is live chicken. Most of the market markets sell fresh live chicken (slaughtered on site), the proportion of conversion processing of yellow feathered broilers is very small (only 15% of cold fresh ice fresh chicken). Moreover, Huangyu broiler has a large proportion of sales in this region a small proportion of cross regional sales.

Because the development of the popular resources of Huangyu broiler lags behind the demand of modern consumption fails to develop a series of distinctive commodities that are in line with modern consumption, it is still dominated by traditional consumption. Compared with the fast-food market the ready to eat market of large-scale white feather broiler, the development of the consumption market of Huangyu broiler is relatively lagging behind.

Considering the situation of poultry epidemic in recent years in China, the future development direction of yellow feather broiler consumer market poultry slaughtering equipment will inevitably move towards the industrialization road of "centralized slaughtering, unified quarantine, cold chain transportation, cold fresh listing".

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