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Suitable cold storage conditions for poultry slaughtering


Suitable cold storage conditions for poultry slaughtering

1. Temperature of poultry slaughtering equipment: the cold storage of meat is mainly through the inhibition of enzymes microorganisms by low temperature. It can be divided into chilled meat frozen meat

A cooling meat: it is mainly used for short-term storage of meat products, usually reducing the center temperature of meat to about 0 ℃ ~ 1 ℃. The specific requirements are: before the meat is put into the cold storage, the storage temperature shall be reduced to about - 4 ℃, after the meat is put into the storage, the temperature shall be kept between - 1 ℃ 0 ℃. When the meat is cooled, a dry film will form on the surface, which will prevent the growth of bacteria, slow down the evaporation of water prolong the storage time.

B frozen meat: the meat is frozen quickly deeply, so that most of the water in the meat is frozen into ice. This kind of meat is called frozen meat. Frozen meat is more resistant to storage than chilled meat. Meat is usually frozen at - 23 ℃ stored at - 18 ℃. In order to improve the quality of frozen meat restore its original taste nutritional value after thawing, the method of quick freezing is currently used, that is, putting the meat into the quick freezing room at - 40 ℃ to reduce the meat temperature to below - 18 ℃ quickly, then moving it into the cold storage.

2. Humidity: keep the humidity of poultry at 80%.

Storage life storage index of poultry slaughtering equipment

1. Under any conditions, the storage period shall be extended to affect the sales quality of meat. Therefore, it is necessary to check find out problems time to time deal with them in time.

2. Fresh poultry can be preserved for 7-11 days at - 1 ℃ ~ 4 ℃; frozen poultry can be preserved for 3-12 months at - 18 ℃, the high temperature of storage does exceed - 15 ℃.

3. Establishment of cooling chain

After rapid cooling treatment, the temperature of the carcass reaches 0-4 ℃. In the subsequent processing circulation process, it is necessary to continue to maintain the temperature range, that is, slaughtering, packaging, to circulation retail, the cooling meat is always under the control of the cooling chain, the temperature is kept at 0-4 ℃, which is an important measure for the quality hygiene of the cooling meat products.

Packaging of chilled meat: in the whole circulation process, the sanitation conditions refrigeration equipment of vehicles are the key. In addition, reasonable packaging can effectively prevent deterioration, avoid secondary pollution extend the shelf life.

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