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Poultry slaughtering equipment warehouse preparation


1: Poultry slaughtering equipment warehouse preparation

1. Carry out warehouse sterilization disinfection before warehousing (UV disinfection: carry out radiation sterilization disinfection with UV). The space of each square meter warehouse room needs to be exposed to an average of 3 hours every day night with 1W ultraviolet light), timely ventilation is required. The warehouse is precooled to 0-4 ℃.

2. The mixture of potassium permanganate formaldehyde shall be prepared according to the weight ratio of 1:1, the dosage shall be 1kg per hundred square meters. The solution shall be put into the container to make it volatilize naturally, it shall be sealed for 48 hours; it shall be sterilized half a month before warehousing, 10g sulfur powder 1g potassium chlorate shall be used for ignition fumigation in the warehouse every cubic meter, it shall be ventilated for 2-3 days for standby after being sealed for 5 days. It is mainly aimed at the heavily polluted reservoir.

3. Bleaching powder solution: spray with 4% solution.

2: Storage quantity of poultry slaughtering equipment

1. Keep a distance of 3-5cm when hanging.

2. Different kinds of fertilizer should be cooled in different rooms so that the whole carcass can be cooled in the same time. If there is a significant difference in body weight, the body weight shall be hung close to the air outlet to make it easy to cause dry film.

3. On the parallel track, arrange in the shape of "product" to ensure the uniform air circulation.

4. For the convenience of inspection, inventory management, the stacking position should be too large, the location label plane location map should be filled in timely after the storage is full. Write the storage time part name of each hanging meat on paper, cover it with plastic bags to hang it on the meat, so as to distinguish the batches.

3: Warehouse management

A loading should be carried out at one time, the faster the better. Keep clean before purchase. There is no other cooling goods, so as to avoid mutual influence.

B. during the whole cooling process, the door shall be opened as little as possible to reduce personnel access, so as to maintain stable cooling temperature reduce microbial pollution.

C. the cooling room should be equipped with ultraviolet lamp, with the power of 1W per square meter on average continuous interval irradiation for 5h every day night, so as to achieve 99% sterilization efficiency of air.

D the end point of meat cooling was when the meat temperature in the center of the thickness of the hind leg of the carcass reached 0-4 ℃.

E follow the first in, first out principle.

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